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FzMovies - Searching for Terry Kiser movies
Searching for movies with: Terry Kiser
Tornado Warning (2011) (BluRay)
Aliens invade the Earth using electromagnetic tornadoes as a weapon of mass destruction. Brilliant high school student with his father and blogger in

Forest Warrior 1996 (1996) (BluRay)
A shape-shifting mountain man and a group of children team up to protect an enchanted forest from evil lumberjacks.

From a Whisper to a Scream (1987) (BluRay)
The uncle of an executed murderess relates four stories of his hometown, Oldfield, to a reporter: an elderly man pursues a romance with a younger woma

Six Pack (1982) (HDTV)
Stopping briefly in a small Texas town, an itinerant race car driver finds that his stock car, on a trailer behind his motor home, has just been quick

Tammy and the T Rex (1994) (BRRip)
An evil scientist implants the brain of Michael, a murdered high school student, in an animatronic Tyrannosaurus. He escapes, wreaks vengeance on his

Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood [Hindi] (1988) (BluRay)
After Jason Vorhees was chained to the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake by Tommy Jarvis. A Young Telekinetic Girl known as Tina Shepherd accidentally kille

Weekend at Bernies 2 (1993) (BluRay)
After their adventure at Bernie's weekend house (events of "Weekend At Bernie's") accountants/programmers oafish Larry and up-tight Richard

Friday the 13th Part 7 - the New Blood (1988) (BluRay)
Years after Tommy Jarvis chained him underwater at Camp Crystal Lake, the dormant Jason Voorhees is accidentally released from his prison by a telekin

Surf II (1984) (WEBRip)
A disgruntled nerd, who was bullied in high school, creates Buzz Cola, a soft drink that turns surfers into mindless zombies.

Fast Charlie the Moonbeam Rider (1979) (BluRay)
A World War I deserter competes in the first long-distance motorcycle race.

Maskerade (2011) (BluRay)
When a young, deformed boy witnesses his mother's death, he comes back to take revenge on anyone who dares enter his property.